February 2012

Casino Royale Gala

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The Lake Travis Education Foundation Casino Royale Gala is happening this Saturday, February 25 at The Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Austin Hotel.  Dinner, dancing, casino games and auctions are being held throughout the evening.  Each year this black tie event raises money for the students and teachers of the Lake Travis Independent School District.  Rough Hollow is proud to sponsor this event year after year.

For more information about the event and how you can donate to the cause please visit their website.

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Texas Wine Trail

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Discover the rich flavors of Texas Hill Country Wineries along one of several wine trails located just 30 minutes outside of Austin, TX.  We always feel so fortunate to live in an area of Texas surrounded by hills, lakes, rivers, shopping, music and nightlife.  But to include a sampling of delicious wines and stunning vineyards within a short drive really puts Austin on top!

The Texas Wine Trail represents more than 30 unique wineries scattered throughout the Hill Country.  Explore the beauty of Texas with a glass of wine in hand and a wheel of gourmet cheese at your fingertips and plop down beneath the grapes to enjoy a lovely afternoon picnic.

Several wineries also provide special events including grape stomps, live music, educational classes, luncheons and more. 

Experience the Texas Hill Wine Country and tell us what you think!

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Make Love Strong

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Partner exercises make staying in shape more fun, and with Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's a perfect excuse to sweat it out with your hubbie.

We're stealing this article from our friends at Austin360 because we love the idea and the exercises and again it's a perfect post for Valentine's Day!  Who wouldn't want to try the Circle of Love Rotation, Tush Push, or the Cutie Crunch?  Okay, maybe we're getting a little carried away with the terminology, but it is the month of cupid!

Have you tried any of these?  Let us know...

  1. Circle of Love Rotation (aka Seated Rotation with a Partner):  Sit back-to-back on the floor with your partner, legs extended in front of you and knees slightly bent.  Grab a weighted medicine ball and pass it side to side.
  2. The Tush Push Press (aka the Partner Pushup):  One person holds a full plank.  The second person places one hand on her partner's hip and the other on his shoulder girdle.  Ready, set, pushup!
  3. The Bodacious Booty Squat (aka the Partner Squat):  Stand back-to-back with your partner, then lower yourself into a 90-degree knee bend.  And hold.  See who can stay in position longest.
  4. The Sweep me off my Feet Squat (aka the Piggyback Squat and only for the strong at heart):  The stronger partner stands while the other climbs onto his back, piggyback style, carefully wrapping her arms around his shoulders.  Next, the first person slowly bends his knees, executing a squat with his partner on his back.
  5. You're my Cutie Crunch (aka the Horseback Crunch):  The stronger partner squats on the floor on all fours, like horse.  The second climbs on his back, then leans slowly backward, arms clasped behind her head.  Next, she uses her abdominal muscles to raise and lower her body.  For variation, try twisting from side to side as you crunch up.

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Sweet Treats & Sweet Dreams

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Celebrate your sweetheart this month with a Seafood Menage a trois from the Grille at Rough Hollow.  Succulent Maine lobster tails, scallops that melt in your mouth and jumbo golf shrimp are sure to delight your lover this Valentine's Day.

Pick up a few heart shaped cookie cutters and surprise your sweetie with heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and a lunch filled with hearts in an assorted combination of sizes.  You can use them for just about anything.  Cheese, sandwiches, brownies, even bite size heart shaped vegetables is possible.  Try a bowl of chicken soup with heart shaped carrots.  Too cute if you ask us!

Aside from the alluring food options, there are plenty of romantic activities around Austin you might want to try for an afternoon or evening of simple pleasures.  A picnic in the park complete with rose petals and an old fashion picnic basket is always a winner in our eyes.  Couple that with a leisurely stroll through one of the wine vineyards and your perfect afternoon is in the works! 

We heard Austin 360 is on the hunt for the cutest couple.  Upload your photo for a chance to win a $100 gift card.  What a great way to show everyone how cute you are!

How do you celebrate your lover in this month of romance?

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