June 2013

Saturday Social

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Our first Saturday Social at Highland Village was a big hit with residents at Rough Hollow!  Several families co-mingled around the pool meeting new friends and new neighbors while listening to tunes from DJ Spyda. 

We are excited to host a Saturday Social once a month at the pool where residents can bring their own drinks, food & games.  We have booked a live DJ for this event and are anxious to hear feedback from our residents.

Already, Highland Village is becoming a hot spot for our residents.  Outdoor movies, crafts & markets, swimming, lounging and playing.  Just what you'd expect on a hot summer day in Austin!

Our next Saturday Social is scheduled for Saturday, July 6 at 6pm.  We hope to see you!

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Camp Rough Life

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Kidventure’s Camp Rough Life Comes to life at Rough Hollow this Week

Kidventure’s Camp Rough Life: The Recipe for Big Time Fun
1. Take one amazing and super fun camp theme.
2. Smash it together with another completely different, but equally awesome camp theme.
3. Mix both together by hand or in a blender.
4. Pour mixture over your head and enjoy!

Welcome to our Summer Mashup, where your imagination gets to run wild and your sense of adventure leads the way. Cowboys go surfing, dinosaurs go to outer space, disco invades medieval England and gross has its own Olympic Games! Believe it and be fully prepared for a summer with all the right ingredients for fun and memories.

Camp Rough Life is available for Rough Hollow Members & Residents throughout the summer.  Camp takes place at our new water-themed neighborhood center, Highland Village.

For details & registration please visit kidventure.com/locations/camp-rough-life.

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