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Rough Hollow is served by the award-winning Lake Travis Independent School District, which includes Lakeway Elementary School, Serene Hills Elementary School, Hudson Bend Middle School, Lake Travis Middle School, and Lake Travis High School.

Serene Hills Elementary
Serene Hills Elementary strives to create a positive learning environment geared to meet the needs of students, teachers, and the community. Students are expected to gain self-esteem, problem solving skills and leadership qualities, and to develop a team player attitude as they acquire a life-long desire to learn.

Hudson Bend Middle School
Hudson Bend Middle School earned a TEA rating of Recognized in 2011.The middle school curriculum is designed around the core academic classes of mathematics, science, language arts, reading, and social studies. Accelerated and gifted and talented instruction is offered in language arts and math.  At HBMS, students have the opportunity to participate in academic competitions, National Junior Honor Society, choir, band, theater arts, and orchestra.

Lake Travis High School
“LTHS is an academically competitive school with 89 percent of students attending college after graduation. Our students are motivated by community support from parents and local businesses.” - Lead Counselor Sherrie Raughton

Lake Travis High School features more than 210 courses utilizing a multilevel curriculum designed to meet the needs of each student. Fourteen Pre-Advanced Placement and 26 AP courses are offered in English, math, science, social studies, computer science, languages and art.

Lake Travis High School operates on an alternating block format with four 90-minute classes meeting every other day.

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Did you know that Rough Hollow is served by the award-winning Lake Travis Independent School District?